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We offer the only thin polymer microchip on the market - Equine Slim. Our revolutionary bio-compatible, polymer microchip comes pre-loaded in sterile syringes ready for implantation and are designed for ease of use.  The Datamars Equine Slim microchip weighs a fraction of standard glass microchips. In a study conducted by the Institute for Equine Science, the Equine Slim was proven to cause no stress reaction in the horse during implantation with the smaller 14-gauge needle.

The Datamars Equine Slim microchips meet the new USEF Rules(s): EQ103.2, HU 101.2, JP100.2, and FEI Passport requirements. Your horses’ ISO-compliant Equine Slim microchip can serve as verifiable proof of ownership for competitions and personal insurance.

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